2021 Program Announcements


Master Mosquito Control Announces 2021 Programs

It’s time for the annual October Special pricing for the next season. First off, a great big “Thank you!” to everyone who placed their confidence in us for the 2020 season. For the 4th consecutive year we grew by another 50%. Master Mosquito Control is certified, licensed and insured in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire and we cover nearly everywhere in northern Mass through southern New Hampshire.


Just three years ago everything was about ticks and Lyme Disease; two years ago it was mosquitoes and Zika Virus and last year it was both mosquitoes and ticks as some diseases (Jamestown Canyon, Powasen as two examples) began to make their way back into the population.

I encourage everyone to take a look at our programs as we’ve added what I believe will be a game changer for controlling mosquitoes.  The In2Care concept and program were developed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and our initial testing the past three months showed a very strong performance. The following links to YouTube videos give a great explanation of how the program works.




The In2Care program is great for a lot of reasons. It addresses the needs of every customer in our database.

  • Yards with lots of lawn but no bushes. Probably the hardest to treat because the mosquitoes are coming from next door.
  • Large areas to cover. Whether dense or not, In2Care buckets are constantly at work. This will attack them in the forest before they ever get to you.
  • If you had a tough time at night with outdoor activities, this program can significantly reduce the potential mosquito population over time. Remember, it’s all about population control. It’s impossible to eliminate all mosquitoes. But combined with spraying this method will reduce the numbers by a large margin.

All season packages are either 7 or 10 sprays long now. And though we’ve had to increase our retail price to $79 per spray, all the season packages offered this year will be the same price for next year. So to ensure the best price with the largest discount, I would recommend pre-paying for 2021 now.

Read the 2021 Programs & Pricing form below. To sign up for next year, just email: Lee@Bughitman.com. Tell me what you prefer and I’ll send along an invoice for your payment. That’s it.

Option 1:  I want the same as this year

Option 2:  I want to add the In2Care program to my program

Option 3:  I want to change up strategies. Please contact me.

Checklist:        A) Program

____ Pay-Per-Spray    $ 79 per spray

____ 7 Sprays             $450 (every 3 weeks)

 ____ 10 Sprays           $615 (every two weeks)

    B) Product

  ____ Synthetic

 ____  All-Natural

(Remember this is just where we start. If it’s working good, we stick with it. If not, we’ll tweak the formula until we get it right)

C) In2Care       Yes  or No

____ 1 pot - $199 (season)     Property is 8,000 square feet or less

____ 2 pots - $299 (season)   8,000 – 16,000 square feet (about 1/3 acre)

____ 3 pots - $399 (season)   16,000 – 25,000 square feet

 ____ 4 pots - $499 (season)   Over a half acre



Mosquito & Tick Sprays

We do a full property, mosquito and tick spray every time.  We go around the boundaries performing a barrier spray to knock down mosquitoes and ticks in their natural habitat. Then we’ll cover the bushes and shrubbery around the house and other structures and top it off with a light skim of the lawn for complete coverage. And always your choice of synthetic or all-natural product!

We carry a full line of EPA Registered synthetic products as well as All-Natural minimal risk 25(b) Exempt products such as Cedarwood Oil, Rosemary Oil, Garlic, Thyme and other essential oils.

Every application is custom formulated at the homeowner’s property to insure the most effective treatment possible. All of our applicators are licensed and certified by the states of Massachusetts and New Hampshire and are fully insured.

In2Care Mosquito Traps

This is a revolutionary way to support our spray treatments and in some cases be used independently. Watch these videos to understand the science behind it. We believe very strongly that this can become a game changer for our customers.



It is important to note that in most circumstances, the In2Care is a great supplement to the spray program. By starting early in April, we can significantly begin to reduce the mosquito population before it’s able to get traction on the season. Spraying primarily kills adult mosquitoes. In2Cares kills eggs, larvae and some adults (just not at the same rate as spraying).

Using both creates a 24/7 offense against potential population outbursts. Remember mosquito control is about population control. And In2Care traps can significantly reduce and control overall mosquito numbers. This allows the spraying to be even more effective.  In2Care traps are monitored and refreshed on a monthly schedule whereas the spray treatments occur every two or three weeks.

Advanced Tick Control

We also offer an even more intense tick treatment designed to address severe cases. While our regular applications perform with 98% effectiveness, some properties need that little extra. This is a granular application, applied just around the perimeter of the property up to four times a season – April, May, August and September.  

We have both synthetic and all-natural granular products. Contact us for a quote.

Tick Tubes

Tick Tubes are a great supplement to the regular sprays. Applied twice a season (spring and fall) these tubes are placed in areas where field mice would hang out (rock walls, foundations, logs, etc.).  The mice take the permethrin treated cotton balls back to their lairs where ticks are exposed to the product and later die. $99 per application.

Mosquito Dunks

This biological control contains Bti, a natural mosquito larvicide, which kills mosquito larvae, but is harmless to birds, fish, wildlife, and pets. We place them in any standing water to control mosquito
larvae for up to 30 days. They are part of the overall Mosquito & Tick program listed above.

Granular Larvicides

These are also like the tick control granular treatments, and are best used in wetlands, temporary water basins, spring flooded areas, etc. where standing water becomes a fertile breeding ground for mosquitoes. We have both synthetic and all-natural versions. They are also part of the overall Mosquito & Tick program. Our technicians are trained to assess a property’s needs and apply the larvicide where and when necessary.


Beginning with the 2021 season a regular spray is $79 for a property up to an acre in size. Larger properties will be assessed for a customized program and price.  95% of our customer base is under a full acre. But we have several accounts over 4 acres as well. So, we can handle any size – large or small.

Season Packages

Our Pre-Paid Full-Season Packages are very popular with our customers because it saves them money without sacrificing results or service. For 2021, we’ll begin spraying on May 3. The month of April is always a big question mark and attempts to begin the season earlier often end with less than desired results because of the wind, rain and sporadic cold temperatures.  We will install In2Care traps during April because this will help lessen the initial population outburst and provide more control over the spring and summer months. This assumes one acre or less.

7 Spray Option (1 spray every 3 weeks)   $450   Save 19%

10 Spray Option (1 spray every 2 weeks). $615   Save 22%

While synthetic formulas work well with either 7 or 10 spray options, if you’re considering All-Natural we recommend the 10 spray option. All Natural treatments work great, but typically don’t have the staying power for that third week like synthetics do.

In2Care Mosquito Traps:  Standard retail price - $59/unit per month. But these devices are best used over a season. Using these traps just for a month or two will help but simply won’t produce the best affect as mosquitos can repopulate in as short as 2 weeks. So, to encourage you to seriously consider adding In2Care to your program we’re offering a significant price reduction if paired with a spray program. This is for six (6) months, April – September.

When used with a spray program:            $199 for the first trap Save 50%     (Up to 8,000 square feet)
                                                                           $299 for two traps                              (8,000 – 16,000 square feet)
                                                                           $399 for three traps                           (16 – 25,000 square feet)
                                                                           $499 for four traps                             (25,000 square feet and up)

** Note: On a typical 1/4 acre sized lot, a minimum of two traps would be appropriate. Each trap covers approximately 5,000 square feet.  Proper placement is critical.
When used as a stand-alone option:        Call for a consultation.
But you must pay by May 15, 2021. If not, the pay-per-spray is your option.

Pay-Per-Spray Option

If you choose our Pay-Per-Spray program, we’ll set you up with automatic scheduling, billing and payment. You will need to place a credit card on file with us.

Special Events

Weddings, graduation parties, family get-togethers and other outdoor special events require extra attention.  Unlike other companies, we’ll treat your property twice before the big day to insure the best possible outcome.  Example: An event occurring on a Saturday would have us spray on the Tuesday and Friday before the event. Call for a quote.

Satisfaction Guarantee

At Master Mosquito Control, we do not have contracts. We do, however, have a Satisfaction Guarantee which simply states that if the treatment isn’t as effective as you like – even a week after application – we will return and re-treat your property at no cost.
Please be sure to read the Terms & Conditions brief in your customer portal.

Your Own Customer Portal

When you sign up with Master Mosquito Control, whether for a season or just one spray, you’ll have your own personal, private portal on our website that you can access to make payments, track your treatments, leave a comment, etc. It is password protected so only you have access.

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