How Ant Infestations Start On North Reading, MA Properties


There is just so much to love about North Reading, MA from the beautiful landscaping to all the hidden gems found around town. But if there’s one thing we had to dislike about living around these parts, it’s having to deal with the number of severe ant infestations cropping up all over the area!

There are easily tens of millions of ants in North Reading, MA building colonies next to our driveways, inside rotting wood structures, and smack in the middle of our lush green lawns. Most of the ants that take up space in our yards are completely harmless and are only noticed when marching around their disturbed nests or hunting for food in more obvious spaces. Of course, it only takes a few days and a couple of attractant factors to push ant colonies to become a nefarious infestation!

ants crawling on a dish in a kitchen

Ant Infestation

What’s the best way to tell the difference between an ant colony and an ant infestation? We are so glad you asked!

  • Infestations come with quite a few visual signs, such as wood shavings on the floor, a high volume of nests, or visually spotting a food train indoors.
  • While they may be slightly less obvious, ant infestations will often result in winged alates (also known as flying ants) in the early spring.
  • Ant infestations, especially those by carpenter ants, can be heard rustling behind walls and floorboards.

You may not think that you are welcoming ants into your home and yard, but failing to take action against them today will lead to a greater chance of infestation tomorrow. Let's take a look at some of the most dangerous ant attractant factors that could be lingering around your North Reading property.

Attracting Ants Inside

(And How To Attract Them Back Out)

Let’s clear one thing up right off the bat: ants are not coming indoors because they like your interior decorating. Far from it! Most species of ants would rather spend their days outside in the elements than crawling across your living room floor. However, an abundance of food, water, or certain kinds of wood structures may be drawing them closer than you'd like. 
There are many ways that ants can break into North Reading, MA homes, mostly due to their small body frames and exceptionally innocuous appearances. Nevertheless, is it important to restrict pest access to your home as much as possible. Start by implementing some of the following occlusion steps:

  • Keep all trash properly stored in plastic bags or bins. Remove filled garbage bags from the home at least once per week.
  • Eliminate the presence of open food sources in the home. Seal up all containers, put away all raw ingredients, and clean up surface spaces after food prep has taken place.
  • Mitigate moisture and other water sources inside the home. Use a dehumidifier and desiccant bag system to withdraw humidity. Have a repairman check all pipes and drains for signs of damage or water buildup.

You may already be dealing with an ant infestation that has gone on for some time. Instead of leaving fate up to chance, have your home inspected by the ant control professionals at Master Mosquito Control. 

Master Mosquito Control Handles A Lot More Than Flying Pests

Dealing with a pest infestation of any kind can be almost debilitating. With all the extra stress, worry, and anxiety that comes with the treatment process, attempting to handle things on your own should never be recommended. Instead, entrust your home and safety to the folks that care at Master Mosquito Control in North Reading, MA. Book an ant inspection today to get to the root of your problems, or make an appointment for treatment with our team right now at Master Mosquito Control. 

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