Is Your North Reading, MA Home at Risk for Mosquitoes?


Why do mosquitoes buzz in people's ears? That is an excellent question, and it is also the title of a popular children's book by Vern Aardema. It portrays the humorous myth about an iguana that put sticks in his ears so that he could not hear the foolish things that the mosquito was saying. In turn, another animal is frightened by the iguana, creating a domino effect of disastrous events. In the end, the mosquitoes buzz in people's ears to find out if anyone is still angry at them. This is a cute and funny story that children love to hear.

mosquito biting a man on his finger

The Truth About Mosquitoes In North Reading  

The truth is that female mosquito is attracted to our exhaled breath (carbon dioxide emissions), moisture, and body heat. They buzz around our faces (and ears), looking for tasty exposed skin to obtain a blood meal so that they can reproduce. Once this happens, you are left with a hard bump that can be extremely itchy and annoying. 

Not Just A Simple Annoyance 

Mosquitoes are not just a nuisance, though. They are known as disease vectors, which means they can carry and transmit diseases from one person to another through their feeding habits. Diseases like West Nile Virus, equine encephalitis, dengue fever, and yellow fever are becoming more and more common. Zika virus is also on the rise. These illnesses are considered to be serious health risks and can be fatal in some cases.

How To Protect Your Friends & Family

Properties in North Reading are at risk for a high population of mosquitoes during this part of the year. In turn, making the chance of a mosquito-borne illness a higher risk. How are you going to prepare for mosquito season and stop mosquitoes from invading your outdoor events? 
It is essential to know what factors attract mosquitoes that put certain properties at risk than others. The biggest risk factor is standing water, and that can be in many forms, like puddles, soggy lawns, marshy areas, clogged gutters, uncovered swimming pools, soil that does not drain properly, kiddie pools that are not drained regularly, and cluttery yards that have toys, tools, tires, and other items that collect water in them.

Furthermore, mosquitoes rest on foliage during the day. Long grass serves as a place for them to wait for their next victim. Trimming your grass and shrubs regularly will help keep them out of your yard.

Helpful Mosquito Prevention Tips For North Reading Residents 

Follow these tips to avoid mosquitoes, and start reducing your risk for mosquito-borne illnesses before the season hits:

  • Create drainage for puddles, soggy lawns, marsh areas, and hard-packed soil. 

  • Unclog rain gutters and empty kiddie pools daily.

  • Clean up your yard to eliminate items that collect water. 

  • When you go outdoors, wear light-colored long pants and shirts, as well as an effective repellent like DEET. Do not wear scented perfumes, lotions, soaps, shampoos, deodorants, or other toiletry items. 

In the end, despite your best efforts, you will still probably be plagued with a multitude of mosquitoes in your North Reading yard. Reducing the population is difficult on your own; that’s why it is important to get the help of a professional pest control company like Bug Hit Man / Master Mosquito Control. We experience in controlling and drastically reducing the mosquito population in North Reading. We can help you to achieve an itch-free, virus-free season right in your own backyard so that you can get out and enjoy all of your outdoor events. Reach out to us today to learn more about our mosquito control options.

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