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Mosquito & Tick Sprays

We do a full property, mosquito and tick spray every time.  We go around the boundaries performing a barrier spray to knock down mosquitoes and ticks in their natural habitat. Then we’ll cover the bushes and shrubbery around the house and other structures and top it off with a light skim of the lawn for complete coverage. And always your choice of synthetic or all-natural product!

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We carry a full line of EPA Registered synthetic products as well as All-Natural minimal risk 25(b) Exempt products such as Cedarwood Oil, Rosemary Oil, Garlic, Thyme, and other oils.
Every application is custom formulated at the homeowner’s property to ensure the most effective treatment possible. And all our applicators are licensed and certified by the states of Massachusetts and New Hampshire and are fully insured.

Advanced Tick Control

We also offer an even more intense tick treatment designed to address severe cases. While our regular applications perform with 98% effectiveness, some properties need that little extra. This is a granular application, applied just around the perimeter of the property four times a season – April, May, August, and September.  Call for a quote.

Tick Tubes

Tick Tubes are a great supplement to regular sprays. Applied twice a season (spring and fall) these tubes are placed in areas where field mice would hang out (rock walls, foundations, logs, etc.).  The mice take the permethrin-treated cotton balls back to their lairs where ticks are exposed to the product and later die. $99 per application.

Mosquito Dunks

This biological control contains Bti, a natural mosquito larvicide, which kills mosquito larvae, but is harmless to birds, fish, wildlife, and pets. We place them in any standing water to control mosquito
larvae for up to 30 days. They are part of the overall Mosquito & Tick program listed above.


A regular spray by us is $69 for a property up to an acre in size. Larger properties will be assessed for a customized program and price.  95% of our customer base is under a full acre. But we have several accounts over 4 acres as well. So, we can handle any size – large or small.

Season Packages

We offer a Pre-Paid Full-Season Package – late April/early May thru the beginning of October - for those who want to save by paying upfront. 
Synthetic or All-Natural Application: $450 for 7 sprays (1 spray every 3 weeks)
All-Natural Application: $615 for 10 sprays (1 spray every two weeks).
But you must pay by May 18, 2020. If not, the pay-per-spray is your option.

Pay-Per-Spray Option

If you choose our Pay-Per-Spray program, we’ll set you up with automatic scheduling, billing, and payment. Most customers choose to place a credit card on file with us, but we will also bill if that is your preference.

Special Events

Weddings, graduation parties, family get-togethers, and other outdoor special events require extra attention.  Unlike other companies, we’ll treat your property twice before the big day to ensure the best possible outcome.  Example: An event occurring on a Saturday would have us spray on the Tuesday and Friday before the event. The cost is $129.

Satisfaction Guarantee

At Master Mosquito Control, we do not have contracts. We do, however, have a Satisfaction Guarantee which simply states that if the treatment isn’t as effective as you like – even a week after application – we will return and re-treat your property at no cost.

Your Own Customer Portal

When you sign up with Master Mosquito Control, whether for a season or just one spray, you’ll have your own personal, private portal on our website that you can access to make payments, track your treatments, leave a comment, etc. It is password protected so only you have access.

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