So You Think You Know Ticks? Can You Handle The Truth?


Nearly 90 percent of all cases of Lyme disease are not caused by adult deer ticks, but rather the nymph tick.  These are very tiny, almost invisible to the naked eye. They are no larger than a poppy seed on a bagel. Very difficult to see. So while it’s still a good idea to inspect yourself, your children, and pets for ticks regularly, there are still preventative methods you can employ to lower the chances of getting bit.

Ticks typically only travel a few feet from where they are born. The Lone Star tick will go up to 35 feet away, but he’s the marathoner amongst a group of sprinters and couch potato-like tick relatives. A female deer tick – the carrier of Lyme Disease - can lay up to 18,000 eggs! That’s a lot of those little critters running around. And they can hang around for up to two years! Besides hitching a ride on a deer, hence their name Deer Tick, they can also be found on other animals such as squirrels and birds. Ticks can also live on any animal including the white-footed mouse and other rodents. And this is where we can help combat them.

Besides our barrier spray treatments which can effectively address the ticks found in your lawn, killing ticks on contact, the defense can be extended into the woods or nearby heavy shrubbery. That’s where we can employ Tick Tubes. These are recycled, biodegradable tubes stuffed with cotton balls that have been treated with our special tick-killing solution.  We will place Tick Tubes around your yard in all the locations where mice and other rodents frequent. The treated cotton balls in our Tick Tubes kill the deer ticks in the den but not hurt the mouse or other rodent. 

The mouse can enter the tube and take the cotton back to its den, using it as it would any piece of insulation, leaf, or other warm protective cloth. The tick, hitching a ride on the mouse, will ingest the cotton, dying in the process.

Between the barrier sprays and the Tick Tubes, you can reduce the tick population significantly by effectively breaking the life cycle of deer ticks in and around your yard. These treatments have been proven to be effective in reducing ticks that can cause Lyme disease by up to 10 times. These tubes kill deer ticks!
A proper Tick Control Treatment, using Tick Tubes offered by Master Mosquito Control, is applied twice during the season. The first time in the spring/summer months and once more in the fall. The object here is to disrupt the life cycle of the tick, so that regular applications, year-over-year will reduce and destroy the tick population.​

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