What You Should Do If You Find A Tick On You In New Hampshire


With dangerous pests like ticks, it’s important to know how to avoid them and how to respond appropriately to an encounter. We’ve got all the information you need to know about these biting parasites, and how you can stay safe.

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Local Ticks & They Dangers They Pose

Ticks are tiny parasitic pests that feed off the blood of people and animals. They are mostly outdoor pests, clinging to leaves, grasses, and branches while they wait for warm-blooded creatures to wander by. Once attached, however, ticks can be carried back to our homes and workplaces, which is how infestations on a property start. That’s why it’s important to know how to avoid them as well as which local ticks to watch for. In New Hampshire, we have two common tick species.

Black-legged Ticks

  • Size: The smaller of the two on average, black-legged ticks are only a couple of millimeters in size, smaller than a seed.
  • Color: Also called deer ticks, black-legged ticks get their name from their most distinguishable feature.
  • Marking: Deer ticks lack easily spotted markings, though males are often uniformly brown while females have an amber-colored blood sac on their rears.

Dog Ticks

  • Size: Dog ticks are larger on average than deer ticks, though they are still quite small.
  • Color: Dog ticks are brown, though often contain lighter tan markings or shapes.
  • Marking: Males are more dappled, with lighter spots and patterns all over their backs.

What To Do If Bitten By A Tick

It’s not like every tick bite is dangerous. Most of them result only in an itchy mark left behind on the skin. However, like other parasites, ticks are capable of spreading diseases directly into your bloodstream. The wounds caused by their bites can also be more severe if you don’t know how to properly respond to them. Here are important steps and factors to pay attention to:

  • Tweezers: If you notice a tick is latched to you or a loved one, you should have fine-pointed tweezers on hand to extract them.
  • Twisting: While using the tweezers to pull the tick out, don’t jerk or twist, as these can cause their needle-like jaws to break off and become lodged in the skin.
  • Crushing: You also need to be careful not to crush the body of the tick, since they can carry potentially dangerous diseases and you don't want to further increase your exposure.

Further Warning Signs To Watch For

It’s also important to know what to watch for after a bite occurs since the symptoms of tick-borne illnesses won’t present themselves right away. All of the following are signs that you should seek medical attention immediately:

  • Rash: One of the first signs of Lyme disease is the skin rash that can spread throughout the body even in areas that aren't close to the site of the tick bite itself.
  • Fever: Another early sign is fever or chills, which can be accompanied by nausea and light-headedness.
  • Aches: Tick-borne diseases are often noted for the ways they affect the joints, which often swell and ache after symptoms have progressed.

Stay Protected With Professional Tick Control

While these are all important things for average property owners to be aware of, you’ll notice that these steps are all reactive rather than preventative. To truly protect you and your loved ones from ticks and the risks they pose, only professional inspections and treatments offer guarantees. At Master Mosquito Control, we specialize in all the pests that pose direct health concerns, including ticks. Contact us today to get an inspection of your property scheduled, so you can know for certain that tick populations aren’t growing around your yard. If they already are, only our proven treatments can get rid of them quickly, safely, and effectively. Don’t wait for ticks to bite you before you act on controlling them around your property, contact Master Mosquito Control today.

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