Why You Need Mosquito Control


This is an excerpt from the American Mosquito Control Association’s website on why we need mosquito control:

“We already have the mosquitoes. We are continually importing the diseases they carry. We must be prepared to prevent their becoming part of our public health landscape. That requires safe, effective, sustained mosquito control. However, continued public support is crucial for the success of each of these efforts. We will all pay the price for complacency. 

Disease prevention through preparedness remains the mosquito control profession’s primary focus and is fully consistent with the very finest traditions of public health. Yet, the continued increase in worldwide tourism and trade virtually guarantees further challenges from exotic diseases requiring ready control expertise to prevent their establishment and spread. Should these emerging mosquito-borne diseases of man and animals settle into the American public health landscape, particularly as an unintended consequence of environmental policy initiatives, we will have only ourselves to blame, for we have the means to control these diseases within our grasp. We must remain prepared to accept and meet these challenges—our citizens and our nation’s wildlife deserve no less.”

Growing up, our youth was spent playing outdoors – at the local ballpark, baseball, basketball or tag football, hide-and-seek, capture the flag. We roamed through the woods that surrounded our homes. Spent hours climbing trees, building “forts” out of broken branches, twigs, and leaves, swimming in the local pond or lake. Seemed like the perfect world for a kid. Now it’s a battleground for the parent we’ve grown into. West Nile Virus, EEE, Lyme Disease. Zika

Perhaps it’s over-reaction; perhaps it’s just the time we live in. Unfortunately, the disease is making its way into our worlds at an alarming rate. And we can do prudent things to prepare and protect ourselves and our loved ones.

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