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Five Easy And Effective Fly Control Tips For North Reading, MA Homeowners


Five Fly Prevention Tips Tip #1 Get to Fixing Things Up Even if you make it a point to keep your windows and doors closed, flies can still get inside your home. The pests can come through cracks and crevices in these areas, as well as in screens and foundations. It’s wise to seal any openings that you find. Next, have moisture issues and leaks repaired. Water can draw and help sustain fruit flies and simi... Read More

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How Dangerous Is It To Have Aphids On My New Hampshire Property?


Aphids are common pests that homeowners usually don't think twice about. Why is this? It could have to do with where these pests cause the majority of their trouble. If you have never taken the time to investigate the true nature of these pests and the dangers they might pose around properties, today is your day to do so... Read More

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The Problems Stink Bugs Bring To North Reading Homes


Smells can be inviting, like the scent of a freshly baked apple pie or a bouquet of roses. If you have a good sense of smell and enjoy filling your home with pleasant fragrances, then stink bugs are not the pest for you. Actually, they aren’t the pest for anyone... Read More


2021 Program Announcements


It’s time for the annual October Special pricing for the next season. First off, a great big “Thank you!” to everyone who placed their confidence in us for the 2020 season. For the 4th consecutive year we grew by another 50%. ... Read More


Why Are We Getting Bombed By Mosquitoes?


It’s the type of question I never like to hear…and worse when it’s coming from a long time customer. “Lee, we’ve been with you for four years and never have we seen the mosquitoes this bad. Did you change something?  Please come out for a re-spray. Thx!”... Read More

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An Important Announcement From The AMCA


Sacramento, CA – 23 March 2020 – The current lockdowns in place meant to curtail the spread of coronavirus will not preclude the performance of essential mosquito control activities in the United States. Despite the emphasis on testing and treating COVID-19 patients, we can’t lose sight of the fact that other debilitating and potentially fatal diseases transmitted by mosquitoes may also potentially infect our citizens.... Read More

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