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Why Are We Getting Bombed By Mosquitoes?


It’s the type of question I never like to hear…and worse when it’s coming from a long time customer. “Lee, we’ve been with you for four years and never have we seen the mosquitoes this bad. Did you change something?  Please come out for a re-spray. Thx!”... Read More

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An Important Announcement From The AMCA


Sacramento, CA – 23 March 2020 – The current lockdowns in place meant to curtail the spread of coronavirus will not preclude the performance of essential mosquito control activities in the United States. Despite the emphasis on testing and treating COVID-19 patients, we can’t lose sight of the fact that other debilitating and potentially fatal diseases transmitted by mosquitoes may also potentially infect our citizens.... Read More

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Services Offered For 2020


We do a full property, mosquito and tick spray every time.  We go around the boundaries performing a barrier spray to knock down mosquitoes and ticks in their natural habitat. Then we’ll cover the bushes and shrubbery around the house and other structures and top it off with a light skim of the lawn for complete coverage. And always your choice of synthetic or all-natural product!... Read More

MMC Announces October Special Offer


What a season it’s been! Record rain, an unprecedented population of pesky mosquitoes and ticks, and the alarming re-emergence of EEE in the New England area made 2019 a busy season for your favorite Bug Hitman.... Read More

Punxsutawney Phil Says An Early Spring!


Besides being my parents’ anniversary, Feb. 2nd of each year means Punxsutawney, PA holds its annual rite of spring and watches (pulls) that poor groundhog, Phil, out of his hole in Gobblers Knob.  This year Phil didn’t see anything! So the powers-that-be of Punxsutawney proclaimed an early spring is on the way.  Always nice to get good news of a short winter, right?... Read More

Why You Need Mosquito Control


Disease prevention through preparedness remains the mosquito control profession’s primary focus and is fully consistent with the very finest traditions of public health. Yet, the continued increase in worldwide tourism and trade virtually guarantees further challenges from exotic diseases requiring ready control expertise to prevent their establishment and spread. ... Read More


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