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Why Are We Getting Bombed By Mosquitoes?


It’s the type of question I never like to hear…and worse when it’s coming from a long time customer. “Lee, we’ve been with you for four years and never have we seen the mosquitoes this bad. Did you change something?  Please come out for a re-spray. Thx!”... Read More

Why You Need Mosquito Control


Disease prevention through preparedness remains the mosquito control profession’s primary focus and is fully consistent with the very finest traditions of public health. Yet, the continued increase in worldwide tourism and trade virtually guarantees further challenges from exotic diseases requiring ready control expertise to prevent their establishment and spread. ... Read More

“Fun” (?) Facts About Mosquitoes


Although we have lived with mosquitoes our entire lives, how much do we really know about them? The following are some interesting facts about our pesky pests, according to the American Mosquito Control Association:... Read More


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