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Derry is the fourth most populous town in the state of New Hampshire, and it continues to grow. As more people move into town, there are more sources of food, water, and shelter throughout the community. These attractants draw pest populations to local properties, more specifically, our homes and businesses. If you want to protect your Derry property from an infestation, your best bet is to call in the pest experts.

Master Mosquito Control offers complete pest protection to properties throughout Rockingham County and the surrounding area. Since 2017, our family owned and operated company has provided reliable pest protection that local homes and businesses can feel good about. Whatever your pest problem, we’re here to help. Call us today to get your free quote.

Is DIY Mosquito Control Effective In Derry, NH?

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Mosquitoes are attracted to your Derry home, looking for the perfect place to breed and spread their populations. Many property owners try DIY prevention methods in an attempt to handle the station on their own, but we’re here to tell you why you should avoid DIY mosquito control methods. While they may give you temporary protection, they never target the source of the infestation and fail at eliminating the thousands of eggs already laid around your property.

To put it simply, you don’t want to waste your time on DIY mosquito treatments. It’s much more reliable, effective, and safe to contact a team of pest professionals. If you want to protect your Derry home and your loved ones from these dangerous vector pests, look no further than the team at Master Mosquito Control. Our home mosquito solutions offer you 100% guaranteed protection throughout the year.

We utilize synthetic treatments, where we follow up every 21 days, and we also offer all-natural products using a backpack mister, where we follow-up every 14 days. We use a variety of methods to treat the premises, including barrier sprays and treatments around shrubs, bushes, and the top of the lawn. At no extra charge, we’ll come back to respray the property if needed. We also offer one-time services for special events. Call us to learn more.

In2Care Systems: What Derry Residents Ought To Know

In2Care Systems involve mosquito traps that infect the female mosquitoes with larvicide. They then bring the larvicide to their nests, effectively killing off eggs, larvae, and adults.

There are several benefits to using In2Care Systems. Here are some positives to consider:

  • Provides complete mosquito population control, and overall mosquito activity management
  • Made with biological agents and green ingredients to target and kill off all stages of the mosquito life cycle
  • Biological fungi weaken the mosquitoes and prevent infected ones from spreading viruses
  • Doesn’t wear away as quickly as spray treatments; can last for over a month
  • More environmentally friendly as chemicals are only dispersed to the mosquitoes themselves, not to the environment

It can be difficult to control mosquito populations around your property, which is why our team recommends the use of In2Care Systems along with spray treatments. Reach out to us today to learn more about In2Care Systems and how it could be the perfect mosquito solution for you.

Four Stink Bug Prevention Methods In Derry, NH

If you want to be diligent in your efforts to avoid stink bugs and prevent them from entering your property, there are some things you can do. Here are four stink bug prevention tips to keep in mind:

  • Eliminate sources of excess moisture, fix leaky pipes and clogged drains, and install proper ventilation in moisture-rich areas.
  • Keep outdoor lighting to a minimum, keep a well-maintained yard and lawn, and store all wood sources away from your structure and up off the ground.
  • Replace or repair damaged screens in windows and doors, and be sure to install door sweeps, chimney screens, and attic vents.
  • Seal off entry points using caulk, foam, or weatherstripping in easy access areas, such as siding and utility pipes, behind chimneys, underneath wood fascia, and other openings.

For year-round protection from stink bugs, your best source is professional pest control services. Master Mosquito Control provides complete stink bug elimination and prevention services that guarantee year-round protection from these odorous intruders. Call us today to learn more.

The Dangers Of Ticks On Your Derry Property

As a local property owner, it’s important to understand the threats that ticks pose. These parasitic pests are a year-round presence, and they can cause some serious consequences. They can transmit a long list of illnesses, Lyme disease being the most well-known.

Even if you’re lucky enough to escape contracting a tick-borne illness, tick bites can still develop into a widespread rash, causing swelling, redness, and even flu-like symptoms. The best way to protect your property from these parasitic pests is to rely on a team of highly experienced pest professionals. Master Mosquito Control provides complete tick control and prevention services that guard your property throughout the year. Get in touch with us today to get started.


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