Just How Dangerous Are Mosquitoes In North Reading?

The mosquito is considered by many experts to be the most dangerous animal on the planet for its association with malaria and other deadly viruses. But, you're probably acutely aware that malaria isn't common in North Reading. While malaria cases appear annually in the United States, we are somewhat shielded from the disease because it isn't spread by the mosquitoes in our area. The mosquito-borne viruses that are of concern in North Reading are West Nile virus and Eastern equine encephalitis (both of which can cause an encephalitis response), and the Jamestown Canyon virus. These diseases present a risk of severe illness and can, in rare cases, be fatal.

Threat Level

mosquitoes in yard

You don't need to be fearful of mosquitoes in North Reading if you are a healthy adult. Most bites will result in itchy, annoying welts. The majority of severe cases are linked to individuals with an underdeveloped or compromised immune system. Babies and young children are at risk because they have not yet developed the ability to adequately fight off virus infections. Seniors may be at risk because the immune system can become weak due to a wide range of factors. Chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and AIDS, can put you at greater risk. But most adults will experience general levels of sickness. You may feel like you have the flu or the common cold and experience headaches, fever, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. Seek medical assistance if symptoms worsen.

Mosquito Activity

Mosquitoes come out in the spring and disappear as we enter into winter. The time of year plays a role in how dangerous mosquitoes can be. The time of day can also play a role. When mosquitoes are active, there is a greater chance of illness. In the warm summer months, mosquitoes are most active in the mornings and evenings. If you avoid going out at these times, you can reduce the risk of mosquito-borne illness.


You've probably noticed that there is a connection between mosquitoes and wetlands. If you go out into the woods or hang out at the lake, you'll have more problems with mosquitoes. This is because mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. Avoiding these areas can mitigate the threat of mosquito-borne illness.


The most effective deterrent for mosquitoes is mosquito repellent—or bug dope—as some prefer to call it. If you're going to go walking in the woods, or go down to camp, it is a good idea to take some repellent with you. We recommend repellents that have DEET. If someone tells you to avoid DEET, it is likely that they're trying to sell you on another product. Studies show that a product with at least 23 percent DEET will provide about 5 hours of protection. If you don't want to use a synthesized mosquito control product, you may have success with products that incorporate oil of lemon eucalyptus. You can also choose to spray your clothing rather than your skin.

Mosquito Reduction

If you want to be protected when you go out into your yard, repellent is not the way to go, especially if you want to have a BBQ. Fortunately, your yard is the best place to fight mosquitoes. It is possible to significantly reduce mosquitoes when you take control. Mosquito reduction can make your backyard mostly mosquito free. It works by breaking the cycle of reproduction. What many North Reading residents don't know is that mosquitoes don't travel from yard to yard in search of someone to bite. They're too lazy for that. They typically hatch in a yard and stay hidden in the yard. That's why you can get mobbed within seconds of going outside. Those mosquitoes are your mosquitoes. They live in your yard. But we can make it so they can't. At Master Mosquito Control, we offer a range of solutions for North Reading residents:

  • Synthetic treatments, which are long-lasting, low cost, and effective at repelling and knocking down mosquitoes that enter your yard from a neighboring property.

  • All-natural or organic treatments, which require more treatments and are a higher cost, but provide peace of mind for those who don't prefer synthetics.

  • In2Care Mosquito Traps. These traps provide an ideal breeding site for female mosquitoes. But the eggs laid in these traps don't survive and neither does the female mosquito that lays them.

Would you like to know more about mosquito reduction and control? We'd love to have the conversation with you. At Master Mosquito Control, we specialize in the control of mosquitoes and the mitigation of mosquito-borne viruses. While the risk of serious and life-threatening disease is low, there is no denying that mosquitoes can be deadly, even here in New Hampshire. Protect yourself and your family by reaching out to us today. Life has enough challenges without adding mosquito-related illnesses into the mix.