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Tick Control

Tick Control For Your Northern Massachusetts Or Southern New Hampshire Property

If you live in New England, you know about the dangers of ticks. These tiny parasitic pests feed on their hosts' blood, whether birds, reptiles, or mammals, and can spread serious illnesses through their bites. Lyme disease, babesiosis, and anaplasmosis are the three most common tick-borne diseases in our area. Also, other more rare illnesses, such as Powassan virus and tularemia, are just as dangerous, if not more so.
Because ticks like moist, shaded areas with some overgrowth in which to hide, they are often found along the outskirts of residential properties, and there is a good chance that your property is home to some of these pests. While most prevalent in the spring and fall, they are also active all through the summer months, which means that your family is at risk of contracting tick-borne illnesses for a good portion of the year.
If you want to protect your family from the illnesses that ticks spread, you need to eliminate the tick populations that may be living in your yard. Deer ticks and dog ticks are the two most common tick species in New England, but Lone Star ticks can also be a problem. At Master Mosquito Control, we are experts on tick biology, behaviors, habitats, and treatment methods. We understand what areas ticks naturally gravitate to, what conditions are inhospitable for them when they are most active, and how to best eliminate them from your Northeastern Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire property.

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Our Tick Control Offerings

Specially-trained in identifying tick habitats, our service professionals will visit your property to identify the areas around your yard where ticks are most likely to spend their time. By targeting these areas with our treatments, we can be sure to provide you with the most effective tick control possible.
During our tick control treatment, we will mix our product solution on your property immediately before distributing it to ensure the treatment delivers the strongest impact in eliminating and repelling these dangerous pests.

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Protecting Your Family Starts With Master Mosquito Control

New England winters are long and cold, so when the weather gets nice enough to spend time outdoors without a coat, the last thing you want to be worried about is having a tick problem on your property. Protecting your family from the dangers of ticks doesn't have to be difficult. The professionals at Master Mosquito Control are experts in our field, and we take your safety and satisfaction very seriously. We'll deliver effective tick control to keep ticks off your property so that you can enjoy your time outdoors.

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